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West Coast Light
West Coast Light, California

This excellent fine art photographic is a study of the deserts, mountains and beaches adjoining Los Angeles through the Mojabe Desert and Death Valley. The quality of light on the west coast of America produces the most bneautiful images when captured by the skill of a gifted photographer. These images seek out the spectacular landscapes of the area and some usually unnoticed aspects of Los Angeles within its' urban sprawl.

Hidden in View

Hidden in View Photography 2011 - An inspiring study of landscape and urban images in full colour, either abstract or semi-abstract or representational, taken in Cuba, China and the United Kingdom.

These do not attempt to be "pretty" pictures or charming studies but are the reflection of real life and the environment and the expression of man upon the environment or the tricks that nature can play upon it.

This book could change the way in which you view the world and can give many hours of pleasurable interest and contemplation.

The works include those images selected for the 2011 RWA Open Photography Exhibition.
Morrocan Discoveries Morrocan Discoveries

Brooks' book is a visually exciting and stimulating discovery of Moroccan landscape, towns and people encountered on his travels.

This book captures the people and places of the Sahara desert, Atlas mountain villages and the urban delights of architecture to be found in Marrakesh and other towns.
This author photographer has won 10 international awards for his work in the last 4 years and is a sought after creator of quality images which are exhibited across continents and collected worldwide.
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